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About MBS light

Introduced in May 2011, MBS light is the new service offered by 4MBS ClassicFM to cater for the many listeners who like their classics light and entertaining. To listen to MBS light, you must have a digital radio. Most digital radios will receive both digital and FM radio transmissions which means you'll still be able to enjoy listening to 4MBS ClassicFM with the added bonus of being able to tune into the lighter music offered on MBS light.
Finding MBS Light on your digital radio

Unlike FM radio, digital radio does not use frequency numbers to identify stations. Instead, stations are identified by their name. To tune into MBS Light, use the search option on your digital radio to scroll through all available stations until it displays the words MBS Light on its screen. Refer to your digital radio's operating manual to find out how to make MBS Light one of your favorite stations..
How You Can Help Keep MBS light on the Air

The role the Music Broadcasting Society plays in providing quality entertainment to the greater community is unique in Australia offering three specific services for three specific needs:
4MBS ClassicFM - For over thirty years, 4MBS has been a favorite with classical music lovers throughout south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales and, through our website, listeners around the world.

Silver Memories - Our dedicated nostalgia service, broadcast to custom designed receivers, is proving very popular with residents of aged care facilities and the general public with a love of the music of the thirties and forties, classic serials, music from the screen & stage and music that just can't be found regularly on other radio stations.

MBS light - Lighter classics, toe-tapping waltzes, crossover music, jazz, theatre music, operetta, stage music and more.
As a community broadcaster, the Music Broadcasting Society needs the support of the community to which it broadcasts to be able to provide the sort of radio service that just can't be found elsewhere. Now, with three services offered to fill three very real community needs, the Music Broadcasting Society needs your support more than ever.

Whether your choice of music is serious symphonies, dramatic opera, nostalgia from the great thirties & forties, jazz, light waltzes, theatre music, Broadway shows, operetta, you'll always find something to cater for your tastes on one of our three radio services. And ..... one way to keep that choice on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is to become a Subscriber.